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Melon Seeds

Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe (Heirloom)
Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe (Heirloom) Category Image
Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe.  Developed for the short season areas.  Produces a small melon around 10-20 ounces.  Perfect for two to share.  Beautiful golden flesh with a sweet flavor.  Grows well in containers.  75 days.
1.4 g (50 seeds)$1.25
Hales Best Jumbo Cantaloupe (Heirloom)
Hales Best Jumbo Cantaloupe (Heirloom) Category Image
Hales Best Jumbo Cantaloupe.  Beautiful orange flesh on the inside with a sweet flavor.  These fruits will be 4-6 pounds.  Handles the dry weather well.    85 days.
1.4 g (50 seeds)$1.25
Honeydew Green Flesh Melon (Heirloom)
Honeydew Green Flesh Melon (Heirloom) Category Image
Honeydew Green Flesh Melon. This melon has a beautiful green flesh with a hard white outer skin.  Grows to 4-6 pounds.  It has an amazing sweet flavor.  Not recommended for zone 3 areas.  105 days.
1.4 g (50 seeds)$1.25
Sugar Baby Watermelon (Heirloom)
Sugar Baby Watermelon (Heirloom) Category Image
Sugar Baby Watermelon.  Dark rind with sweet red flesh on the inside.  Popular early variety that is ready in 75 Days.  Grows 8 to 10 pounds. 75 Days.
1.2 g (25 seeds)$1.25